Paradigm Shift

                         Lets not cling on to the past, lets all embrace the future and its endless possibilities

                        – Abdulkadir  Mahamud

History has blessed us with great leaders who inspired their people and whose ideas have transcended all religions, ideologies, races and creeds. Some we have witnessed them in our life time and some we have read about them in history  books.  Some of these  leaders led their people through difficult and impossible times. Some over came great obstacles and challenges despite all the odds being against them. Some sacrificed their time, energy and wealth and finally paid for the ultimate price which is their lives  just for the betterment of their people. They were leaders who have inspired  their nations to greatness and gave their people hope even when they couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel.

 The biggest mystery to me is that as Somalis we are all a people of one color, one religion and one culture we even speak the same language yet even today our country is being divided along tribal lines due to the historical rivalries and animosities between different tribes plus the self-serving warlords and proxy wars by regional and international forces which as a result caused wars, destruction, disunity, poverty and created a general level of animosity and lack of trust between us.

There have been efforts many times in the past and even now but still all our efforts and the attempts of the international community to unite the country and bring back lasting peace and harmony has miserably failed and our country is still in a state of limbo.

Today we are witnessing an ever increasing number of states declaring themselves to be semi-autonomous and one already adamant to separate from the country. Our country is being hijacked my selfish politicians who claim to represent their people just to get to positions of authority and in fact do nothing for their people but instead pursue their selfish desires and advance their personal positions. We are also hijacked by blood-sucking and merciless warlords who actually benefit from the existing anarchy and never want to see our people united and country peaceful. The sad thing is that we are the ones supporting and electing these politicians and thinking that they are advocating for us and advancing our interests when indeed they do nothing for us but only pursue their personal goals and agendas.

What we need to do is to wake up from the hibernation we have been in for the past two decades. We need to abandon our medieval thinking and have a paradigm shift.We need to look at our leaders and politicians from a neutral perspective and know who they really are.We need to withdraw our loyalty and support from those who are putting their interest before the interest of the general public. We should support and give our loyalty to leaders who are patriotic and really working for our common interests. We also need to support Leaders who are pragmatic, impartial and whose ideas and aspirations transcend all of our differences.

The great African-American civil rights activist Martin Luther King,Jr said in his inspirational speech “I have a dream” that one day my children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream of my own too, I have a dream that one day our leaders will not be judged by which tribe they hail from but by the integrity of their character.