Few Can Make a Difference

  “If one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out.”

 –Robert Greene

What do you think happens when someone tries to do something and no matter what that person does he or she always fails? Of course that individual will lose morale and get sick of the constant failure that is plaguing him/her and consequently just give up with the inner feeling that he/she is just doomed.

This is the feeling that we have been living with for the past two decades. However I want to stress one point: ‘when you hit rock bottom, the only way out is up.‘ Wars are inevitable in life. They have been happening since the dawn of humanity.WWI & II was caused by the Europeans. They were fighting for power, dominance, resources and ideology. Those two wars had caused unimaginable loses of lives. There was pain, desperation and great sufferings. It had destroyed the whole continent of Europe.

Since what was happening in Europe was an internal struggle, the Europeans and their leaders embarked on a mission to end their vicious circle. They figured out a way to externalize their internal struggle and the solution for them was the so called “scramble for Africa” which led to the colonization period. In retrospect, their move was inhumane and immoral.

Coming back to my point, we all have to find a healthy way of externalizing our struggle. I say this because of the peculiar things that are happening in our country. For a start, one of the funniest phenomenon that has developed in our society is that almost  everyone is talking about politics and every man you meet is aspiring to be the president of the country or at least hold a political office. I wonder the man who said “every man in Somalia is his own Sultan.” was right

The only reason I think we are experiencing this strange phenomenon is because our people especially our teenagers have nothing to do. They have no other activities that interest and capture their imagination. They barely have any role models. What do you expect them to do when all they hear and witness and watch from the TVs are the chronic and the unending political and social entanglements that our country is going through?  The ugly truth is that there is nothing else that diverts their attention- the fact that even aspiring to be a professional sportsman/woman is stigma and discouraged by the overwhelming majority doesn’t help either.

I know deep in my heart that there are many great men and women out there who are patriotic. They are disheartened by what is happening in our country. I also know that they truly want to contribute and make a difference regardless of how small their contributions are. I also know that somehow you feel outnumbered and isolated and that you felt like the individual who approached the insane group and tried to make sense to them and at the end was accused of being insane himself, ha-ha.

You don’t need to feel that way. You don’t need to think and say what I can do alone. What you need to remember and do is to continue your struggle and know with great conviction that you are not alone and that few can make a difference and change the destiny of many.


The Way Forward

 ” Leadership means give-and-take, not going into negotiations with your ego in play.”


Human beings are the most complex creatures on Earth. When it comes to the spectrum of our actions and feelings, we are capable of doing both great and destructive things. We can become the most caring, loving, compassionate and selfless individuals . At the same time, we are also capable of turning 180 degrees and carry out the most selfish, evil and barbaric acts ever imagined.

We are full of contradictive and conflictive emotions and actions. It is this combination of mixed and opposite extremes that makes us so complex. However, most of our actions are predictable because even  the most unpredictable of us become predictable because of their unpredictability. Hence there is always a pattern to our behavior and actions.

Can you imagine a world where more than 7 billion people live in and where resources are “scarce” and each and everyone of those people are trying to survive and make a living. Where each community/individual is trying to get an  edge over others so that they can secure their future and the future of many generations to come. This is exactly the world in which we live in today. No wonder that we always witness dirty politics which causes  wars, suffering, despair and hardships since not everyone of us makes a living in a fair and balanced way. Everywhere you look at there  are conflicts and constant struggles. I guess Charles Darwin was right when he said in his theory of evolution that “only the strongest will survive.”

There have been many talks, debates and books written on the clash of civilizations, Holy wars and the eternal struggle between good and evil. I believe that all these suggestions are pretexts for declaring and waging wars on those deemed less worthy and weak when in fact the major reason for waging those wars and creating conflicts is for  basic economic interests. I am not denying that there are other factors too, but those are only part of the picture, not the full picture. For instance, lets talk about religion. What do you think and say when you see President Ahmadinejad of Iran saying that America are the enemy of Iran because Iran are an Islamic country and after few weeks flies off  to Venezuela which is also a Christian nation and calls President Hugo Chavez his brother and ally? You see the irony that I am talking about?

Coming back to our country we always talk about the problems of tribalism and how it is the root cause of our divisions. However no one ever talks about  what causes tribalism. You already know the answer. Our chronic tribalism and divisions are caused by our wrong believe and thinking that resources are scare. This thinking made us very greedy and led us to fight each other for the control of resources as each tribe wants to make sure its own survival and as result of that advance its own position. Since all of us have our own self interest at heart which of course you can say is understandable , it is always inevitable that our interests will clash and that is the main cause of conflicts.

What we need right now are leaders who can understand this dynamic and see things from this perspective. Only then can we work on how to match our  interests or at least bring them closer to each other  and as a result of that come to common grounds. We need leaders who don’t  have “a winner-takes-all attitude”  and don’t see things as a zero-sum game and finally don’t  go to the  negotiation tables with their ego.