History Will Judge Us

Yes, we must, indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.

 Benjamin Franklin

Our country is at crossroads. Today our people are fighting for their own survival and identity as they are scattered all over the world in search for a better life and opportunities. Back at home, our people are struggling to keep ends meet despite all the chaos, political infighting and economic hardships which at the moment seems eternal to them. Most of them feel like they are in a vicious circle that never ends. This feeling has caused a widespread desperation and pessimism among the general public and as a result of that many of them are on the verge of resigning to this fate if not already.

This anarchy and pessimism is caused by many forces/groups who are pulling our country in different directions. They are luring and indoctrinating people with divisive and extremist ideologies. They are self-serving and have no regard whatsoever for the disintegration of our country and the suffering of our people. The voices of these groups are the ones that are loudest and being heard everyday.

From the devout single mother in Mogadishu who goes to the Bakara market to sell tea and samosas despite the imminent danger to her life, to the fruit picker in Afgooye have one thing in common: The only thing that crosses their mind is how to survive and feed their children. Both of them want to secure a better life and future for their children. They are not concerned with politics and divisive ideologies.

I believe that we don’t have to resign to this fate and lose hope. We have to be resilient and know with great conviction that although we may take different paths in life but that our destinies are linked together and that our final destination is the same. We have to use our collective minds and instill in our selves the value of community spirit.

The only way that I think we can come out of this predicament is when we first and foremost give our devotion and love to Allah. When we withdraw our allegiances from the self-serving groups and individuals and give it to our country. When we love, respect and help each other. When we realize that together we can rise and overcome our challenges. When we give our love and devotion to our country and become real patriots then it will be difficult if not impossible for our enemies and divisive groups to exploit our differences. However, being a real patriot doesn’t mean that we should become ethnocentric. We  should all love and respect humanity.

We have to let go of the past and forgive each other. We have to shutter the chains of tribalism, hatred and nepotism. We have to work together and embrace the future & its endless possibilities. We need to do better than the previous generations because if we fail, the next generation will look back at this era and say our forefathers failed us.

Finally, we have to realize that each country on earth has its own unique characteristics. We cannot just copy or import other systems and formulas that have worked in other countries to solve our problems. What we need to do is to seek and find an indigenous formula that helps us to solve  our problems. `


10 thoughts on “History Will Judge Us

  1. absolutely we need our own formula to solve our problems instead of importing other idea from somewhere else ….thanks alot mr abdul kadir for your bright idea

    • most of us make the mistake of thinking that what has worked in our neighbors house is gonna work in ours. so we apply it in our homes and later on find out that it is not working.Every unique situation needs a unique way of dealing with it… Thanks Mr Jama..

  2. yeah nice amiir gr8 article, ruun weye waa wax manta jira oo xaqiq ah ilahay u mada somaliyeed faraj khayr ah haa u furo hana tuuso xaqa iyo cadalada bro thank’z for remanding us well done amiir

  3. The hardest part is letting go of the past ….but i think the people are ready to take that step …we just need a better LEADERS……not like the ones we have now who their only interest is self- interest ,

    • You are right when you said “letting go of the past is the hardest part”. Time is the greatest healer. there are some patriotic and capable leaders in our country who are trying their best to bring some solutions. They need to be bolder,stronger and decisive in their endeavours…

  4. Thank you Abdikadir for posting this beautiful article. It’s true that history will judge us, therefore we should work towards one common goal, that is to safe-guard the interest of our war ravaged society. Somalia has seen its politicians turn into war-lords, terrorists and dictators. Furthermore, Somali people have witnessed long years of chaos, abject poverty, terrorism, piracy, heinous civil wars, unemployment, inflation, brain-drain, massacre, rape, and many more atrocities committed especially against women, intellectuals, chieftains, and professional acumen. I think enough is enough, I believe Somalia will stand on its own feet, this is the era of peace, tranquility, prosperity and development. One day Insha Allah we will all witness a Somalia with vibrant economy, a new Somalia where people live in dignity, respect and freedom.

  5. nice article! thanks mr.abdulkadir for posting such a great articles, its important to focus anew away of thinking rather than coping what others made before us.
    history can be made what ever its, but the best way to rebuild our country and give the new generation a chance to re-unite is forgetting the bad history! we have to go forward and forget tribalism activity if we need success.

  6. Amazing article!!! Sir—abdulkadir really this article in between exploring failure and then giving the suggestion which is clear the end of your article i am sure if we (somalis) have such kinds of people like you can change any thing about this hard life going our country.
    even you can say the confidence of the people being lost after they were waiting a government so many years.
    i wanna share some thing with the others i was walking the center of Islamabad a young girl talked to me she asked a question that every somali politician can’t ask his self which was “why 20 years weren’t seek any government by your country??”
    i answered may be the youth of somalia will change this era comparing with the current politicians and groups as well.
    bro really your articles, hard workings, ambitions and your hope will encourage me and continue from there.
    Thanks for every thing!!!

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