The Power of Balance

” We’re flawed because we want so much more. We’re ruined because we get these things and    wish for what we had.”

-Don Draper

If you carefully observe  the earth, heavens and the surroundings in which you live in , you will immediately realize that everything around you is in order and is functioning according to a pre-determined natural order. What may seem chaotic in the beginning may actually be part of a more balanced grand scheme.

Almighty Allah has created everything on earth in opposite pairs so that balance can be maintained . Male-female, day and night, life and death. We may think they are different things but in reality they are all the two sides of the same coin since the existence of one gives value to the existence of the other. We value life and cling on to it because of death. How can you realize the value of light if you haven’t experienced darkness?

There are many things which are good for human beings but if used in excessive manner they all become harmful to us. For instance, when thirsty one must drink water .There is only that much amount of water you need to drink in order to quench your thirsty. If you exceed that level then you know that it will feel weird in your stomach and it is likely that you will throw up as a result. Similarly, death is part of life. If everything was immortal then earth would have been overpopulated and natural resources overburdened and finally drained therefore there has to be death in order to maintain the balance, avoid chaos & destruction and continue the cycle of life.

Every religion understands and appreciates the value of balance. Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: “But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters.” Surat Al-Qasas{28:77}

In this Ayat you can clearly see the balance that Allah is talking about. He is saying that we should worship him and do good deeds in order to deserve heaven in the hereafter which is the eternal home yet we should never forget about our share in this world since we are his vicegerents on earth and have a responsibility. yet, I always encounter many people who strongly believe that this world is not for them and is a world that is made for the unbelievers.

In order to protect the balance of power Allah has ensured that there will be no one supreme power on earth since it will lead to tyranny, oppression and injustice on earth. Through out history there hasn’t been one single supreme power!. When the Roman Empire was at it’s peak there was the Persian Empire which challenged their authority. Today the U.S is the undisputed Hyperpower in the world but it’s power is not limitless as there are other powerful nations such as China and Russia who limit its movements.

Balance is an integral part of nature but it is one of the most challenging things to achieve. A wise man who was a taxi driver once said to me that” human beings are never truly happy with any state of their lives “.I believe his expression was a true reflection of the moods of our times. Everyone wants more than they already have. We are advised to never be soft but instead be kind. What defines us as human beings is our ability to express our emotions yet being very emotional clouds our judgments and perspective on things. We are also encouraged to be generous but never be frugal. The list is unending but one thing is clear from these statements.

It is obvious now that the key to solving all the above paradoxes is ‘balance’. I think the reason we are facing so many challenges these days is because we have lost our perspective on the power of balance. We should all embrace the spirit in the power of balance. We should all strive to achieve balance in our thoughts and actions because a balanced life is life well lived.


13 thoughts on “The Power of Balance

  1. The word “balance” has two “a” to balance it. Lovers to each other are like pillars to a beam, one departs the whole beam crashes, U have to strengthen that beam with filial devotion and un-comprimising love. There has to be that equilibrium!
    From the microscopic of things to the mind-bending vastness of space, the balance is always there and that balance is what is giving birth to cosmic to microscopic bastards… O I mean tranquillity.
    Allah s.a.w is the maker of the word “balance” and that everything that is born, has to die! Nothing thrives forever. We need to be grateful and use the tools that has been given to us, wisely.
    So, of-course, Mr.Abdul Qadir has touched upon a significant topic that needs our attention, more so, in today’s World. I hope this sends a message to all.
    Not bad, good effort!

  2. excellent post..balance is very important. most ppl are always wanting more and never truly happy…it’s sad. ppl need to come to know the Almighty and find balance and harmony. only then can ppl truly be happy and satisfied.


  3. Why is it that human beings can never be satisfied with what they have?Is it because we are all jealous and envious of others?why is it that we are all in a race to beome the most successful,the most richest,the most famous,the most admired?why do we keep looking at those that Allah has given more?why do we get into the process of comparing ourselves with others and the complaining about our own lives?If we look around and if we look harder we would find that we are better off than millions of people..imagine evry 4 seconds a child dies because of malnutrition..and we have food to eat,a shelter to cover us,loving family and friends…so many people would kill to have the lives you and I currently live..Thank Allah for your blessings,work hard,try to be a good person,follow Islam to the best of your ability and do not complain about how you don’t have a good job, a bigger house.. A better car or a hot girlfriend:)but just for a moment close your eyes,count your blessings and thank Allah the most high and work honestly inshaAllah you will also be endowed with more and more ameen!

    • I think because most of us don’t realize the value of the things we have until we lose them. instead of looking at those below us and being thankful for what we have we see those who are above us and feel miserable about it.

    • most of us dont realize the value of the things we already have until we lose them. Instead of looking at those below us and being grateful we see those who are above us and feel miserable.. Khurram do you think that humanbeings are doomed to fail?

  4. The above comment was in response to the wise taxi driver that Mr. Abdul Kadir met.sorry I detracted away from the topic on balance but it is only when we start realizing our blessings that we think about Allah and thank Him and try to follow the path He has chosen for us that we realize that Islam is not really that hard and we can balance this world with the hereafter:)great article bro!really enjoyed reading this one..keep them coming!

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