Standing Up For What is Right

“The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice

-MLK Jr.

Whenever I watch the news or read newspapers I can’t help but wonder why there are so many negative things happening in our society.Cultural, ethnic and religious clashes are on the rise while intolerance is spreading like a wild-fire across the world. These trends are motivated mainly by ethnocentrism, hatred and fear of unfamiliar practices & believes of others.

We know that some of these issues are just preposterous and plain rubbish. They are fabricated and used for propaganda by our enemies and critics in order to discredit us and  spread negative perceptions about us. For instance, some people  see cases of abuses against women in a Muslim country. Immediately they conclude that Islam doesn’t give rights to women.  The fact is, there is a difference between what the religion of Islam advocates for and what some people do and practice because of their culture.

However, there are also some issues which are real and need to be addressed carefully. It is a widely accepted fact that our religion is being hijacked by a few misguided and ignorant minority who think that they are our only saviors, know the path to salvation and  what is good for us. Since they believe that they are the rightly guided ones no one is supposed to disagree with their tactics and question their judgment. They  use every tool and  means in their power to achieve their goals and  even mostly justify the killings of innocent people by saying it is for “the greater good”. Those who dare to go against them are simply assassinated or branded as “traitors of Islam”.

They condemn and judge before preaching and seeking the truth. Instead of listening and seeking consensus they impose and rule by force. They alienate any one they see as an outsider and alien to their culture. They gave themselves the right to excommunicate anyone whose ideas does not resemble theirs, blatantly ignoring the Islamic doctrine that says no Muslim  has the authority to question whether someone “is a proper Muslim” .

What disturbs me the most is that our intellectuals and individuals of high influence in our society are scared of speaking up and standing up for what is right and just. Hence, the voice of knowledge and wisdom is silenced and overshadowed by the ignorant and this is the main reason why we are seen as fanatics and extremists by the outside world because the only voice that is emanating from our society is the one of the ignorant.

Since this is our situation, our enemies and critics have capitalized on it and are using it against us and that is how they always intervene and meddle in our affairs.

Now you might think that we  are in a dire situation where we have to choose between the lesser of two evils: weak and corrupt governments or radical and merciless lunatics with distorted believes. I strongly believe that there is another alternative to the above mentioned scenarios. What we need to do is to take matters into our own hands. We need to speak up and always make clear to the world what we stand for and never let any one or any group hijack our faith and our values.What we also need to do is to collectively be on the right and just side of history. We need to eliminate our fears and always be ready to stand up for the truth  even if it means putting our lives in danger. The day we become bystanders and don’t go against oppression and injustice is the day we stop being  moral beings.


9 thoughts on “Standing Up For What is Right

  1. Great article but how can a clear picture of Islam be presented to the whole world when there are so many divisions between us Muslims and our interpretation of Islam?Sunni,Shia,Wahhabi to name a few..and it is said that there will be 70 plus divisions and only one will go to heaven..The only true source is the Quran and the hadith of the beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. But nowadays due to different scholars interpreting the Quran and hadiths out of context and without full knowledge has led to these fanatics and fundamentalist way of thinking..We have forgotten how to get along and deal with matters peacefully,I know religion is a sensitive issue but the Quran and the hadith should be followed and we should also stop saying that we are sunni or shia etc and just say that we are muslims..for a start.Islam is a religion of peace..Nowhere does it justify the killing of an innocent human being and has placed forgiveness and love for humanity on a high rank.another point that I have noticed is alot of non muslims are so ignorant that they without investigating the facts and trying to gain an understanding of the topic at hand just repeat what thy hear on the news or from other people.a friendly message to everyone out there is never to talk about something which you know nothing about.get your facts right about Islam and then call us terrorists,or say we don’t treat our women right or how we are fundamentalists and all we think about is 70 virgins after we die.because ignorance is the root cause of all this racism and hatred in our lives..May Allah guide us all to the straight path ameen.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more.There are many basic things that we need to focus on instead of just being wishful thinkers. We have to go back to the basic roots and educate our selves. We need to listen and understand more rather than judging and condemning each other.

  2. Instead of pointing fingers if we just took a moment to look at ourselves and focus only on ourselves..this world could be a much better place.

      • Great Article Abdi, as they said. I really like it as always.

        They say,your fingers are not the same. In each society, you will find controversial people, they share the same cause with the general public but with different extreme unjustified actions.

        I would not call these people “ignorant”, because simply they are not, I would call them, “driven by hatred”.

        I will not try to justify their actions, which caused many people more harm than good, as much as i want to determine the root cause of their strange behavior. We all agree that democracy is the best option for governance, because it makes people have a voice and enables them to participate in the decision making process. But, since we know that in most Muslim countries, democracy doesn’t exist, which means citizens don’t have a voice in the system, and are not allowed to elect the officials who represent them. Here it becomes easy for people to feel unworthy, and since they can’t become oppositions, ………. they try to make their voice heard, through extreme actions

        I would not even label these people as “extremist”, I would label them as a “product of bad systems”. These people did not influenced by religion as much as they influenced by the system exists in their countries

  3. Mohamed many thanks for taking the time to read and sharing your perspective which I always value and cherish. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis. What we are witnessing today is the accumulated voices and actions of people from the extreme sides of the political and religious spectrum which is you rightly described and is the product of a failed system. However, regardless of the situation the fact is that we have lost our patience and tolerance. we have also lost our ability to listen and be open to ideas or just say we will agree to disagree,instead we swiftly condemn and judge.

  4. you are right when you said we get down between the lesser of two evils: weak and corrupt governments or radical and merciless lunatics those are the two main problems we can say that they are the terminating problems specificlly in muslim world and the big world in general ,,, if we look back at history and how those factors badlly distroyed the raw material and basics of human living we find the rulers or the what is so called leaders whether they are religion scholars ( sheikhs) or seculars in that time and the leaders in this time have those factors in common same culture,same killings ,same ethics and same triats ,,, so in my view what is need to be changed are the leaders more than it is the public i am not saying public cant change the league but we ar out-numbered,out-powered and out- financed ,we can arrange some demostrations against them but still they remian the main power who can destroy everything,,,,,,,,,

    • Everything u have just mentioned is happening in our society and i know changing the situation will be very challenging and it will take time. However, I believe that we shouldnot just resign to our misery instead we should all get up together and take small steps to improve the situation. No matter how amber the fire is, it will surely flame. Mohamed, what do u think is the best way forward?

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