Turkey’s New Interest in Somalia

It took a natural disaster (famine), the worst to happen in the region for nearly 60 years coupled with piracy on the Indian ocean to bring the international community’s focus and cooperation back in Somalia. While the international aid was hindered by severe lack of funds and security fears in the region it was the Turks who became the good Samaritans and sat on the driving seat and led a humanitarian assistance that was unheard of before in the history of the country.

The Turks saw their humanitarian aid and assistance to the Somali people as moral obligation on their side. They organized funds and donations from religious, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as local citizens so that emergency food, water and medicines could be supplied to the people affected by the drought.

Almost after one month the Prime Minster of Turkey Mr.Racep Tayyib Erdogan arrived in Mogadishu. He was the first non-african head of state to visit Somalia in 20 years. President Sheikh Sharif said the prime minster’s visit ” displayed the determination and will of Turkish people and government to stand side by side with their brothers and sisters in Somalia“. However,his visit was a historic and symbolic one for various reasons. Firstly, the prime minsters arrival showed that Turkey was not just going to deliver food and then leave. It showed that this act was a sign of full commitment and determination from their side and that the government of Turkey will be involved with Somalia for a long time to come.

Secondly, they went against the notion that Somalia was a “no-go-area” which was a very dangerous place to operate in and that the only way to get involved with the country was through the neighboring countries and the offices of the United Nations in Nairobi.

Their long term commitment in the country is holding true till now. They have opened the Turkish embassy in Mogadishu. Today the Turkish government is involved with many projects inside the country such as modernizing Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle international Airport. The Turkish airlines has started commercial flights to Mogadishu twice a week. Under the process is the building of water supply and waste disposal facilities as well as the rebuilding of the war ravaged roads and hospitals. Last but not the least, thousands of Somali students are studying in Turkey under scholarships. What the Turkish government is doing is not only restricted to the drought affected regions in the South. They are now planning to open development and co operation centers in semi-autonomous region of Puntland and Somaliland.

“Turkey has done more in three months than the U.N did in 5 years” -this is what Prime Minster, Abdiwali Mohamed said of the achievements of Turkey in Somalia.

Now, the question is: why Turkey is doing all this and going into great pains to succeed in Somalia?

Apart from the moral obligation that I have already discussed above, Turkey has a strategic vision in the region as they want to become a influential geo political player and a model Muslim democracy. They also have economic interests in the region as Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa which is a strategic location for trade and commerce.

Finally, as Somalis we are very grateful for the great generosity, help and assistance the Turkish people and their government has extended to us.


13 thoughts on “Turkey’s New Interest in Somalia

  1. Abdulkadir I agree with you there is some interests that turkish government looking from somalia because there is no free lunch in this world. It is about give and take so i’m thanking to turkish government for their help and assistance … once again my friend good job you did great research keep it up bro …


  3. It is the nature of things. Apart from the moral obligation they felt for helping the country they also have strategic and economic interests in the country which is understandable.. i think it will be a win-win situation for both the countries. thanks for following and reading my site..

  4. To me , am 110% appretiating turk people and their government their tireless support to our people in every social sacter, and we will not forget their day-by- day humanitarian aid , history will write what they have done to Somali pple

  5. c/qadir that is something very true that turkey investing in a country that get fidgety for so long time where the others get excuses , we can say they have open the way to go now cowards will follow one by one and this country will go great insha allah ,,,,we are all so great full to allah first then to turkey government and it,s people who do understand the pain we have suffer for this period and get millions of million’s hope back ,,,, i know haters will get pissed for this but what we can say is ” like or wrap it we are back in action and now it is time to lead you Africans to the real world ,real marketing,real education and real business because so far what u have see is just a refugees in comps ,migrants and beggars wit no homes backing them , no educational backgrounds to hire them and no plans for tomorrow but u haven’t see these people how good they are when it comes to hardworking you just watch it and keep watching the new movie of the concurrence in the region and how we will develop in short time ?”,,,,

  6. I strongly agree with you number of reasons, that Turkish government have done what other nations could not do for national disaster of Somalia. Turkish PM had paid highly price visited for Somalia and saw himself affected people, who desperately needed for urgent aids this was really psychological support. The Turkish government has brought to Somalia millions dollars of humanitarian aid and distributed it by Turkish NGOs in order to avoided looting or misuse it. Although I am not quite sure that the strategic mission of Turkish authority towards region generally and Somalia specifically but I believe that there are numbers of hidden agendas. An on the hand there is no doubt its win-win formula which two brotherly nations are achieve more benefits from it. Finally and most crucial point is that the London conference was the outcome of Turkish efforts for Somalia where more than 44 head of states ,highly profile delegates and an international organizations including Turkey itself which played vital role had met and discussed for the purpose of Somalia future, it was another milestone achievement of Turkey initiated.

    Finally I would like to thank Turkish and their government for support our people and we Somalis never forget your sympathies.Thanks for writer of this precious Article.And thanks dear Abdulkadirmahamud.

  7. Thank you for every other excellent post. The place else may just anyone get that kind of information in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such info.

  8. This is one of the vital sensational blogging I have read through in a really extended time. The quality of particulars in here is fantastic, as if you pretty much has written the book on the topic. Your blog is wonderful for everybody who would like to understand this topic more. Superb information; please continue the good work!

  9. i am very delighted to read this article, and same time would like to thank mr abdulkadir for his excellent writing.
    well, its true turkey has long term strategy to invest our country, but this does’nt mean that they are going to occupy the country.! they built public hospitals to save the life of millions , camps to survive milions of famine affected.
    every body will remember what they did to their somali brothers, they r the first to come and help their brothers when it needed.! all our prayers are with our turkey brothers and their governments. TRUE MUSLIM BROTHERS

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