9 thoughts on “Black Gold in Puntland: Cure or a Curse?

  1. This should address a vital part of the oil issues not only in Somalia but to other African countries like Nigeria and Angola just to mention but few. Although Angola is beginning to get stabilized in this area, Nigeria is a far cry to that, a country where situation is extremely difficult due to the existence of oil, the unanswered big question is, is oil a blessing for a continent like Africa? That we will discuss in a later date but for now lets keep our fingers cross and hope that “Black Gold in Puntland is a cure.”

  2. I think Puntland Government overlook the situation without preplanned, pre-opportunity study and in depth analysed . I say that of two things:
    1. existing puntland government is not fully determined and capable to exploration an Ail drilling at moments.
    2.the main factor behind this, is greedy of a few people not necessarily for all, whether Puntland itself or Somalia entirely.
    So the question raised by the writer is yes and surely it will be a curse.

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