When you Lose your way go back to the beginning to find your path

Τoday when I look my surroundings and try to understand the general feelings and perceptions of the people specially the young generations and elders, it is sad to say that all I see is desperation and confusion and I ask my self why? There is no one single answer to this but I am going to try to come up with answers which are based on my personal observations and experience .

Since childhood we were brought up to be good human beings, honest, truthful, cooperative and hardworking. We believe that  Islam is the one true religion and the only way of life and we have to be very grateful and lucky to  be born Muslims.

The harsh reality today is that our generation is lost and live in a state of limbo. We are like a boat  in the ocean that is caught by sudden storm and just floating direction-less.  Today the west is dominating  in every aspect of life and their   civilization is spreading like a wild fire. Our teenagers wear jeans, and T-shirts. We dine from their  top class restaurants and cafes. We listen to their music and watch Hollywood movies. Not that I am saying anything is wrong with that, because as the saying goes if you go against the current then the waves will push you back.  Politically the west is also calling the shots, America is the sole superpower in the world today. Financially the west controls the world bank and IMF. In a nutshell the west is playing the music and we are dancing to their tunes. Why this change of fortune and when will the tides change?

Contrary to some mistaken believes, the problem doesn’t not lay in Islam. Instead the problem lies with in us. We deviated from the right path, the just path and the road to salvation. Allah says in the Quran: ” Truly, Allah doesn’t change the (good) condition of people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves”.(13:11)

The above ayah truly explains the condition we are in today. God is just. When God created the earth he put all the things that we needed in it  and people were scattered all over the place and  were all equal. If this is the case why did some nations rose and others crumbled and  ended up in the wrong side of history? What made the status of one nation to rise than the other was not that they were the chosen ones, rather  it was their sheer determination and will power to take their fate and destiny into their hands, how they came together and decided to use their resources and brain-power in an efficient and effective manner. They realized  that fairness, equality, justice ,security , law and order were the corner stones that will lead them to success and prosperity.

What we are lacking today is a government that is for the people, of the people and by the people. A government that knows that they are there for the people and  that is accountable to its citizens.We are lacking  an environment that welcomes change, that is tolerant to differing opinions. W are lacking an environment that nourishes independent thinking and finally an environment that encourages and promotes positive thinking. In conclusion if we want to get to the right path we have to take the following steps.

  • Be God-fearing citizens
  • Establish a transparent and accountable system.
  • Ensure the rights of the people .
  • Establish law and order
  • Allocate resources of the nation responsibly and equally.
  • Protect the freedom, liberty and justice of the people.
  • Put more emphasis on health and education


5 thoughts on “When you Lose your way go back to the beginning to find your path

  1. Islam is not a religion, but a cult and Muhammad was its lone, self proclaimed prophet, and Allah was his Demonic Illusion. Muhammad was a liar, pedophilia, mass murderer etc, if you find these allegation shocking. See the evidence yourself here:- http://www.thefalseprophet.co.cc
    I bet if you prove me wrong, I m ready to remove my site..

    • Islam is away of life and prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the messenger of Almighty Allah. God is not a delusion, he is around us all the time and he is the nurturer and creator of all. I can sense from your argument that you are clueless about Islam as a whole and what prophet Muhammad stood for and what he accomplished in his life as a messenger and prophet of God. so my brother i am not gonna argue with you instead i am gonna leave you with this Verse of the Quran: “[The Noble Koran 25.63] And the servants of the Beneficent God are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: Peace.”

  2. Well articulated and structured essay-note. Without a shadow of a doubt, the flood of modernity has taken effect on us all but now it’s on us of how to channel the water to safe lands.
    Islam is a complete way of life! Which gives due rights to everyone. Islam is color and ethnic blind. Everyone is equal in the sight of Allah! He said: “Come to Islam wholeheartedly” & “The only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam”.
    Those who chastise Islam with this or that are completely outside the folds of humanism and intelligence.

  3. All religion have this and all human beings as well have this, if this will happen in the whole world there will be no more dispute. This is “Kindness”

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